Moch. Zamroni

Husband, Father, UX/UI Designer, Front-end Engineer Indonesia, PSD Slicer & HTML/CSS Hand Coder, Coding from Scratch or Framework

Was interested and started learning about web design on 2000. Binding up in graphic design and printing field around 2002-2007 and on 2007 turned back to the magical world of web design with a nickname 'zamdesign', on the same year, Zam met and collaborated with Anggi Krisna (from IdeKreatif).

Joined iCreativeLabs on January 2008 as a XHTML/CSS Ninja with projects like: JobsFreak, RuangFreelance, GantiBaju, Tokokoo, etc. Founder of FREE WordPress themes provider Tookangweb.com on June 2010, which later being acquired as WPCharity on November 2010. From February 2011 Zam met Wenas Agusetiawan to move on PhaseDev, Startup Agency which build Tiket.com

@pakzam @pakzam

UX/UI Design

Improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the digital product. How to design effective operation and control of product from the user. How to makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable (user-friendly).

Front-end Development

HTML, CSS and JS for a web. How to make web easy to read and relevant. How to ensure that web comes up correctly in different browsers (cross-browser), different operating systems (cross-platform) and different devices (cross-device).

Geneious | PSD: Arief Rahman | HTML/CSS Geneious | PSD: Arief Rahman | HTML/CSS Humas Kutai Kartanegara | Agency: Numesa | PSD & HTML/CSS Humas Kutai Kartanegara | Agency: Numesa | PSD & HTML/CSS Golkar Kaltim | Agency: Numesa | PSD & HTML/CSS Golkar Kaltim | Agency: Numesa | PSD & HTML/CSS Sobat Jalan | Tiket.com | HTML/CSS Sobat Jalan | Tiket.com | HTML/CSS Rimbunesia | HTML/CSS Rimbunesia | HTML/CSS

We often paired up in a team back then, and it's always great to work with him because of his communicative, humble yet skillful, and very thorough qualities. He's truly a great colleague and mentor as well.

Monika Halim
VP Product Design at GO-JEK

Mr. Zamroni is a very patient person, he patiently will look at the work he's doing. either its slicing PSD/PNG to HTML, or fixing website's HTML/CSS that already running.

Ibnu Triyono
HTML5 Game Developer at Inmotion Digital

First met with Zamroni when we both worked as graphic designer at Jade Indopratama, now he is working as a coder at iCreativeLabs. Zamroni is self-taught designer, learning all designs skill from the experience and he always improving his skills. Passion and details; two words to describe their work as a coder.

Tri Kurniawan
Founder Metamorpix, Visual Designer, UX Enthusiast

Mr. Zam is an XHTML and CSS expert, always on time for work and fun to chat.

Supono Syafiq
Web Developer at Divline Studio
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pakzam@gmail.com | +62 857 3081 4755

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